12 Gauge

12 Gauge 12 Gauge
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U know what? I guess this week I am not gonna start off saying "Hi Boyz and Girls" or "Welcome to Spring World" or any of that…I’ll just begin by telling my fascinating members that when a some recent darksome dong hits town, I’m usually the 1st one all over it. Duh! I’m a BCS! The astronomical! So when I saw 12 Gauge’s picture come up on a local agent’s web page, I called just now and made it happen. This chab was precious! About 9 inches, fairly thick, and this fellow rogered the shit out of my pink gap. I was gonna call my pink aperture slight, but that is not true anymore! Hee hee…A-N-Y-ways, the only thing I did not adore about 12 Gauge was the smack of his man-juice. I suppose that stud hits the bong too much. U know you are what you eat, right? So treat your female to a valuable man cream load by eating fruit and veggies. Chastise your dominatrix with a nasty sperm load by smoking up all the time! Oh wait…you don’t have a female-dominator, do u pathetic white dude? XOXOXOXO – Spring
12 Gauge 12 Gauge
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