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Lala Ivey

Lala Ivey Lala Ivey
Lala Ivey @
Lala has a handsome Spanish tutor. This babe goes to watch this tutor with a friend from class to get extra lessons in speaking Spanish. Today’s lesson is "How to flirt in Spanish". Well her classmate, Chad, gives it a try with her. Como Estas? Ramon, the coach, says great job, but this chap wants to truly brandish ’em how chaps in Spain pick up hotty’s. Ramon moves in and starts to kiss Lala. I think the Spanish way of picking up cuties is to not talk and just go for it!! At first, Chad feels like maybe he should go and leave these TWO alone…but Lala has a different idea. How do you say 3some in Spanish?! Lala quickly gets down on her knees and wraps her lips around their weenies. The one and the other males take their turns…they pound her petite little fur pie, making her cum over and over. That babe handles both dicks with ease and entreats for their cum. They cover her in white dick frosting. Not sure this babe learned much Spanish, but she sure got lessons in how to take TWO schlongs!
Lala Ivey Lala Ivey
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Lisey Sweet

Lisey Sweet Lisey Sweet
Lisey Enchanting @
Lisey makes her Dogfart first appearance and brings her real-life sexy wifing experience with it. Her partner is away and on a business travel and to surprise him, she makes a decision to bring in 2 stacked fellows to fill her holes at the same time. Its an usual late-night face time, the usual I miss yous then this fellow takes notice shes wearing lingerie. That babe starts giving him a show and in a short time that babe lets him in on a little secret. That fantasy hes been dying to have, the one where she screws two boyz in front of him? Its about to happen. She keeps her boyfriend close as the chaps get even closer, sliding their large dongs in and without her holes. They all take turns with her phone giving him all the unsurpassable angles of the act during the time that that fellow tells her Do soever they say baby. It finishes with 3 more surprises, two creampies and one youll just have to see for yourself.
Lisey Sweet Lisey Sweet

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Emma Hix

Emma Hix Emma Hix
Emma Hix @
Isiah and Prince are back again in some other story of the "magic camera". This time, the female holding out the twat is Emma Hix. Oh, she cant hold the cunt out for long, once the "Magic Camera" comes out! It literally has some sort of wondrous affect on gals that forces them to let go of inhibitions and let the floozy free! Emma drops to her knees and fills her face full of weenie, the moment Isiah hits record. Engulfing isn’t sufficient, this babe needs her wet crack to be stretched tight with larger than average dark penis. She receives pumped rock hard until that babe creams snatch juice down both shafts. It is solely a matter of time previous to that babe runs out of orgasms and implores for a face fill of jizz. The males gladly give her what this babe wants. That babe asks Isiah kindly if that dude would promise not to unveil the video to anyone…but unfathomable down, appears to be like she kind of craves the world to see it!
Emma Hix Emma Hix

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Payton Preslee

Payton Preslee Payton Preslee
Payton Preslee @
Daddy loves it when Payton tanalizes him. They play a fun little game to watch who can hold out the longest. Daddy usually wins…but Payton doesn’t mind, coz all the teasing just makes her love tunnel drip. This babe can’t live with out to suck the penis too. She crawls up to Daddy and worships his cock from her knees. This babe can’t live without to choke on it and feel it grow in her mouth…getting so rock hard that dad has to take over. That man pounds her vagina so worthy that that babe SQUIRTS all over. Daddy can’t live without it utmost when that babe bows that consummate round gazoo over. Her pulsating pussy just can not take it…but that babe is not giving up so easily. This babe loves to ride Daddy also. She’ll grind her thick a-hole back and forth, quivering with each climax….spraying twat juice all over the place! Dad tries to hold out, but it is impossible with this impressive rogering marital-device coming all over his strapon…he buries his hawt load unfathomable inside her bawdy cleft. Mission pro!
Payton Preslee Payton Preslee
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Brittany Andrews

Brittany Andrews Brittany Andrews
Brittany Andrews @
Brittany Andrews makes her first IR comeback in over Twenty years just for Dogfart! This is her 3rd IR scene in history and we are please to have it. Brittany scored on Craigslist this day. Usually the dudes this babe goes after thinks shes nothing but a catfish and no brandish, but today that babe landed two long dicked men to come shag her in front of her well-paying cuck of a boyfriend. She assures the gentlemen hes got a mannequin fur pie for a weenie and is no threat at all. They have fun the money and the biggest mambos on the hawt blond so they arent likewise worried about the sniveling sack of skin shes standing on. Rico and Slender go balls deep in Brittanys booty, or her spouse aperture as that babe calls it, and after a hearty facial, they leave. Brittany allows her spouse to join her on the daybed. He licks her face and breasts clean adore a admirable puppy and that babe assures him this babe hasnt forgotten about his reward either. After taking a glob of the Craigslist strangers cum off her chin, that babe rubs it on the end of a lengthy darksome sex tool for lube and pops it right into her husbands gap. In her Dogfart initial appearance, Brittany Andrews being one of the industrys pegging pioneers, brings it to the Dogfart screen for the first time in Twenty 3 years of updates.
Brittany Andrews Brittany Andrews

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Gia Milana

Gia Milana Gia Milana
Gia Milana @
Gia’s Fiance has a gambling problem. This chab owes a shit ton of specie to some shady people. They came to Gia’s abode to collect, but her Fiance wasn’t home. They wanted the specie right then and there. U know her man’s got an addiction…well, lucky for him, so does Gia! Her addiction is KNOB! She makes a deal with the collector’s…she screws ’em, they give her chap an supplementary week to come up with the cash. That’s a win, win for everybody! So there she’s down on her knees, engulfing these bigger than standard fucking darksome schlongs. This babe might actually be getting the better deal in this bargain! She bends her cute little ass over and lets one slip into her potty beaver. That shit is taut! She climbs on top of the other one and rides until her wet crack cums with delight. But her pussy isn’t going to hog these knobs. Her dark-skinned hole implores for some pounding. These chaps tear it up! Screwing her doggy style and side saddle. This babe rolls right over to reverse cowgirl and entreats to be stuffed in both holes. After getting DP’d that babe rides a ramrod until it explodes inside her warm clutch, while the other one cums all over face.
Gia Milana Gia Milana
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Adriana Maya & Gia Vendetti

Adriana Maya & Gia Vendetti Adriana Maya & Gia Vendetti
Adriana Maya & Gia Vendetti @
Gia and Adriana are dangling out, just having a smoke, when Cyrus, Adrianas older brothers friend pulls up in a beautiful expensive Benz. Hes supposed to have some kind of rencounter with him, but hes nowhere to be discovered. Probably off making deals somewhere. Gia can not believe how hot Cyrus is, and is even more shocked that Adriana has by no means rogered around with him in all the years hes been around her family. A tall, hot, ripped stud with shoulders like that? Gia tells her that if she desires to miss out on that hot white skirt chaser, thats up to her, but that Gia isnt gonna waste some other second awaiting around. That babe hits on Cyrus and annoyed, Adriana leaves ’em alone merely to come back to Gia blowing Cyrus by his car. Adriana is violent! What if her Mama had come home?!! That babe drags the two inside to yell at ’em some more but cant get the image of Cyrus gigantic pink shlong with out her mind or of Gias face, all slobbery and gagging. It turned her on. This babe tells him to take his ding-dong back out so this babe can watch it another time. They both begin mouthing on the long pipe, their gorgeous faces running up and down his curved shaft. They copulate, going back and forth taking turns with his greater than run of the mill ramrod and in the end, Cyrus sprays the giggly cuties with his sexy load.
Adriana Maya & Gia Vendetti Adriana Maya & Gia Vendetti
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Aaliyah Love & Lilly Bell

Aaliyah Like & Lilly Bell Aaliyah Adore & Lilly Bell
Aaliyah Love & Lilly Bell @
"My precious for no thing Hubby probably paid you, but I KNOW that cheapskate didn’t tip you!" a wanton housewife calls out, luring the sexy crew in… Aaliyah hasn’t banged her (newish) spouse in years. The only thing he is worthy for is his endless bank account. After one more boring night of his dreadful parties, this babe sees the bucks from the rental company as they are taking out the last piece. It is late and these lads are fatigued, but no one can say no to Aaliyah so they go over to entertain her when this babe calls ’em into the living room. This babe immediately receives down on her hands and knees, and crawls over, so cheerful to find that her tips are connected to about 12 inches of gorgeous lady-killer meat. She is gaging and slobbering and getting fucked inflexible until her step daughter Lilly walks in. Lilly isn’t surprised at all. As Aaliyah put it bluntly "How do u think I’ve survived being married to your dad for so lengthy?" She’s intrigued. Aaliyah has been her much loved stepmom so far, and Lilly kind of looks to her as a large sister more than a Mother. She watches for a not many minutes and then jumps in. Stepmom certainly knows her way around a jock, but charming, innocent looking Lilly has picked up a scarcely any schlong tricks of her own and craves to show ’em off. The 2 are a predicament jointly, bringing out the absolute worst in one one more and its so hawt to look at!
Aaliyah Love & Lilly Bell Aaliyah Love & Lilly Bell
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Lilly Bell

Lilly Bell Lilly Bell
Lilly Bell @
Hot Lilly Bell is a born performer. Her huge turn on? Watching other peoples reactions as that babe shoves her merry love bubbles in their face or pulls her belts aside to unveil her glistening pink cunt. She can’t live with out to tease and receive her dudes actually worked up. Thats why shes one of the top dancers at her lap dancing club. Lilly has her weaknesses also though. She loves big strong dark fellows. She cant say no and usually gives away for free what she charges other boys double. Tonight after a intimate dance, Lilly follows one of her clients home. After a slow, sexy exotic dance, this babe works her throat up and down his pole, and then lets her love tunnel take over, clearly having a shuddering orgasm within minutes. His large globby, creampie at the end finishes her off perfectly.
Lilly Bell Lilly Bell
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