Ace And The Cuckold

Ace And The Cuckold Ace And The Cuckold
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Todays cuckold came in with a wrestling mask which was a worthwhile idea since I just ate and did not wanna toss my cunts. I had a fine lunch and for dessert I wanted what Ace was packing in these pants of his. Unlike my cuckolds, Ace has a large strapon and it receives rock hard 24/7! My cuckolds are only useful for paying my bills, doing my housework, and paying for lawyers when my dark males get into legal trouble, hahaha. Ace is one of my favourite dark weenies to play with since that dude is enormous and that charmer drowns me with his cumshots that always make the target. After working up Ace’s dark 10-Pounder with my throat that smooth operator flipped me over, around, and any possible way so this man could hit my twat in solely the ways I like. Cuckold guy was loving each minute of it since that guy was so close yet so far away from my soaked grasp. Ace popped a chunky load on me and my personal vacuum cleaner made his queen very happy. Will u diminutive dicked white boys ever get to fuck me? No. Will you keep paying to check out me suck and fuck the humongous of dark-skinned schlongs? U more outstanding fucking believe it!

Ace And The Cuckold Ace And The Cuckold

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