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Adria Rae Adria Rae
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It’s not weird for a popular location — or "shoot house" — to have more than one production in progress, and when that is happening, there’s plenty of wait time. And the wait can be long and boring. Just ask Adria Rae. The gracious brunette has been sitting on that bed for hours…just envisaging for her scene to start. Which is when Rico Strong makes his move. Rico knows all about await times, and he’s always wanton. He’s in luck, also, ‘cuz Adria’s just as randy as Rico. Why not "spice up" the await and turn something boring into smth hawt and hawt? Adria starts by trying on various wardrobe, and you know that is going to make Rico’s meat-thermometer inflexible. Unyielding. Adria gives a decision it is time to engulf, which is when Skinny Shove appears. He’s just wrapped, and even though he’s dropped one load, his bigger than average jock is always locked and loaded! Both well-endowed guys are plan to have their way with attractive Adria, using all her tight, constricted holes in instruct to bust! And when they do, Adria’s an absolute mess…and, of course, that is when the production manager calls the jizzed-up Adria Rae to set!!
Adria Rae Adria Rae
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