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Alexa & Shorty Alexa & Shorty
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I went to visit my friend Alexa a hardly any days agone on her lunch break and I found out something I did not know about her previous to. I suppose she may be a greater dark knob slut than me. She’s a true BCS in each sense of the word. We were just sat around telling BCS stories, when this dark-skinned stud walks up to us and I thought that skirt chaser looked familiar, but I was not sure ‘cuz all of those darksome boyz sorta look the same to me. hehe. But as in a short time as that chap whipped out that weenie, I recognized him 🙂 Mr. Shorty Mac. Palatable. Alexa & I went to town on that boy’s freakishly mountainous weenie & the rest is history.
Alexa & Shorty Alexa & Shorty
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