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Alina West Alina West
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Alina West is on the freshman cheer squad at her community high school. Her husband, Joe, QB’s the team. Rob Piper is the school’s star full back. Alina’s barely-legal, and she’s a lascivious little devil. Her issue? And the reason she’s walking home after the game with Rob? Well, her spouse is a Christian, and he believes it is majority breathtaking to wait until marriage in advance of having sex. Alina wishes wang very badly, and this babe talks to Rob in confidence about this. Rob suggests they go back to his place, and Alina agrees, as lengthy as they’re no "funny business". Back at his crib, Rob puts all the moves on Alina…but to no avail. That babe doesn’t wanna cheat on Joe! In a list-ditch effort, pulls a move any All-American playa would be proud of, and sure sufficient — it works. Alina’s very first interracial sex! First IR anal, to boot! Quick question for y’all — if it solely goes in her arse, that’s supposed to mean she’s not cheating on Joe…right?
Alina West Alina West
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