Allison Wyte

Allison Wyte Allison Wyte
Allison Wyte @ InterracialPickups.com
Allison Wyte lives up to her name. Of all the white bimbos in my porno inventory this one get to be the whitest. However, that babe can drain a dark-skinned 10-Pounder as well as the other gals who take up room under my ottoman. I urge you could have watched the looks on my neighbor’s faces as I brought in yet one more darksome rod slut for my own porn stash. I had my digital camera batteries fully charged, a blank tape, and all the lube needed which was a recipe for some other home episode for your viewing joy. Her penis engulfing abilities were second to none and that babe took care of me like a champ. I not quite felt guilty knowing that I lied to her about this not showing up online. I face banged her and look closely so you can watch the tears running down her face fucking up her mascara. Yes, that’s how I roll. I turned this ho around and had to slip my third leg in slowly coz this wet crack didn’t really know the ways of the darksome meat-thermometer. After inch number 8 I was home free and jammed the remaining five in as her screams shook my apartment walls. I wanted to screw her forever but knew that was impossible since my neighbors would end up calling the cops coz it sounded like I was killing the doxy but I now have movie scene substantiation that she was having the time of her life.

Allison Wyte Allison Wyte

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