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Alyssa Lynn Alyssa Lynn
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Alyssa Lynn is unhappily married. Her partner, Mr. Lynn, is a businessman who spends a lot of time working, and her son, Robby, is a community high school freshman. That babe loves her son very much, but she loves her son’s allies even more…if u know what I mean. Especially his dark friends! So, when Robby gets home early from school, even though this dude may seem "surprised" at his discovery, he is really not surprised at all. Robby’s observed his Mamma flirt with all his allies, and this ladies man knows his Mama and dad do not even sleep in the same room anymore. What surprises Robby is smth terribly taboo and hard to admit: this chab became aroused and achieved an hard-on witnessing his Mother in The Action!! And when his Mom made her discovery — that Robby was spying on her having sex like a common Peeping Tom — she did what some would consider the Unthinkable. Warning: this scene may shock u!
Alyssa Lynn Alyssa Lynn
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