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Amber Wild Amber Wild
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Amber Wild – hands down the dumbest whore in Southern California. I know, I know…you think I’m "mean". But it is just the way I’m. Anyways, Amber’s so dumb I didn’t let her speak today, which was a smart move. This babe spreads her mouth for one thing: 13 inches of dark schlong. I even turn her into a puppet this day. A Puppet for Dark Penis. Black Penis Puppet. My puppet. What a dirty slut that babe is…so dirty, she’s more of a "slut" than a "whore" – if u acquire my drift. Today’s money shot is classic me. Classic Ruth. I take all that darksome knob in my tight white bawdy cleft doggy style, as Dumbo Amber waits with open face hole. I stretch her dumb mouth out so John E. can dump his goo directly in it, then give her the Ol’ Heave Ho without my set. Heave The Hoe! This babe is all done!! HAHAHAHAH. MWAH to u!! XOXO – Ruthie.

Amber Wild Amber Wild

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