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Ami Emerson Ami Emerson
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It’s true when they say parents just do not understand. I’m Ami Emerson, 18 years old, and at a point where I wanna experience as much dark meat-thermometer as I can get ahold of. It looks as if dad can’t handle that seeing as how I’ve been lashing out at him at any given chance. As I was growing up he would tell me that he’d disown me if I ever associated with darksome fellows. It is unyielding not too since their weenies make my white slit sore but in a worthy way. It’s gotten to the point where daddy is about to leave me without the will so we saw a psychiatrist in hopes that he’s see things my way. Several minutes into our seesion I could see the fine dr. would be on my side and this chab brought in Dr. Napier in instruct for daddy to see exactly how I love to treat big dark dick. The old petticoat chaser not quite shit his diaper as my throat kept going up and down on that plump dark schlong and my white fur pie would be next up on the menu. At first it hurt but then it felt great knowing that the sight of his daughter engulfing and rogering darksome schlong would at no time leave daddy’s mind. The pang on his face only added to the passion as I could feel that darksome wang pulsating in my grab signaling this chab was willing to explode all over my face. Speaking of faces, dad still can’t observe me ever since that day.

Ami Emerson Ami Emerson

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