Another Lost Update

Another Lost Update Another Lost Update
Another Lost Update @
This week management identified another scene sitting in the vault – a scene we didn’t know existed. It features Ms. Thomas entertaining Byron Long and Wesley Pipes. It features her second-only double vag scene, and we think that is peculiar. We too think it is specific when Ms. Thomas takes a load in her pink snatch. In this case, she too takes one directly into her red, enlarged wazoo. It is inflated ‘coz Wesley Pipes rogered it rock hard. And finally, it appears management and Ms. Thomas have come to an agreement that will continue Ms. Thomas’s website. In other words, we’ve kissed and made up…we merely acquire to ink the deal! Thank’s for your patience and, as usual, no thing but great updates coming at you, the valued member. Hopefully, next Monday, Ms. Thomas will be addressing u! It is pretty much a done deal! And that is peculiar, likewise!
Another Lost Update Another Lost Update
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