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Greetings lads and angels and bois! You know what time it’s, cause u know where you’re at: SpringWorld! And u know *why* you know you are in my world? Cause we have some other whiteboy this day! His name is Cuckboi, and adore all naive cuckbois, he’s packing a large old 4 inch log. Wow! Can u imagine all the fun he gives his gal with all that meat? Hee hee. I’m so mean. I am sorry. Really, I am. But you know you love it! Max bonks me this day in front of cuckboi, and Max is love 12 or 13, and trust me, it fills me to the brim! U know what that silly negro did to me this week? Well, when that smooth operator pulled out to make a mess all over me, well, there wasn’t much of a mess…cause u know why. This Lothario blew in me! UGH! Now what am I going to do…but work out a name for my baby and let my stupid cuckboi please himself as a award for a job well earned. Congrats cuckboi! U came more than Max did…um, that is, the second time Max came! XOXO – Spring
Another Silly Cuckold Another Stupid Cuckold
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