Ashton Pierce

Ashton Pierce Ashton Pierce
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I do not have a single minute to myself. Daddy constantly gives me the entire,"You live below my roof so you obey my rules" routine and it receives tiring. I thought he had lastly left the abode so it was the flawless chance to get my fill of heavy dark-skinned penis. Jason Brown packs a substantial Third leg which melts in my throat and jabs my vagina for hours on end. Little did I know that daddy was a peeping tom and tried breaking up my fun. I decided to shag my black stud-horse in front of him to display him that his days of running my life were over. His hair was falling with out his head whilst his baby cutie was getting punished by the mighty darksome jock. I wanted to ensure a near future heart attack for him and that was done by having a gallon of dark man juice receive shot into my ovaries. I just stole daddy’s credit card and am now off to get some home pregnany tests.

Ashton Pierce Ashton Pierce

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