Bailey Brooks

Bailey Brooks Bailey Brooks
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Howdy one and all and welcome to the newest meeting of the Interracial Blowbang. Today’s menu is Bailey Brooks. Growing up in White USA she wasn’t allowed to date or even be watched with black chaps. Well, what dad doesn’t know will not hurt him. She’s a smokin’ white beauty with years of darksome rod frustration built up inside her. Lucky for us, we’re plan to let her take it out on us. Since she’s used to engulfing on flabby white noodles it took some time to get her mouth wide sufficient to gulp dark penis. Needless to say we stretched that mouth open so she’d at not time have bother taking bigger in size than average darksome 10-Pounder. The spit coming from her throat covered our dcks as well as made a pool on the floor. Inspect how white angel stuffs balls in her mouth showing that not all white people do the in nature’s garb minimum when it comes to taking care of business. Her cocksucking talents made us temporarily forget the evils of the white man’s ways. We held out for as long as possible until it was time to shower her in dark ball cream. We took our time since most of us got no jobs since The Woman chaser still runs things…..for now.
Bailey Brooks Bailey Brooks
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