Bam Bams Black Seed

Bam Bams Dark-skinned Seed Bam Bams Black Seed
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Everyone say greetings to my newest homeboy, BamBam! This chab is another one of those eager football playas from the Negro High-school by my apartment here in Atlanta, and he is friends with some of the playas I already know from that place! 😉 I dressed up for my scene with Bam in my cute cowgirl outfit, cause I knew, right from the moment I saw his thick, powerful black legs and chiseled chest, that I would be riding him just adore a cowgirl! Hee hee!!! It is fantastic, those black boyz…Bam’s kinda short, but adore most dark fellows, this chap shlong is long and very beefy, measuring nearly 9 inches when fully vertical. And like almost any dark-skinned dudes, this chab is skilled to achieve multiple orgasms, which I like of course!!! Observe closely in this week’s update as Bam first fills up his cock rubber with dark seed (which I happily drink down) and then, later, after some wazoo training, this charmer shoots *more* darksome seed all over my face. Whew! What a ride! Have joy!!!
Bam Bams Darksome Seed Bam Bams Black Seed
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