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Bobbi Lennox Bobbi Lennox
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I took this white buck to a mean hood to reveal him how to be a true thug like myself. I could have showed him how to pimp, hustle, rob, jack, or anything else. His Mother blew up our spot and spoke down to me which showed this babe didn’t know who the fuck I’m or what I am capable of doing. This babe was about to slap the smack with out her son’s face hole but copped a plea with me. I was going to avoid drooping with her son and this babe would suck and shag the cum without my plump dark sack. This chab acted love he was getting grounded but this Lothario solely had to check out his momma take in over a foot of darksome 10-Pounder. Her cunt was drenched the moment I got in and Bobbie Lennox nearly passed out from taking it all. They soon moved with out state but she still sends me emails through my cell phone cause the whore is a freak.
Bobbi Lennox Bobbi Lennox
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