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Brittney White Brittney White
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If you think cheating is limited to white girls with darksome lads, think anew! Just view poor Brittany White. She receives the news of her cheatin’ dark Lothario as the plumbers are fixing her clogged drain. But do not receive me not correct…there’s no thing "poor" about this chick. This babe is known her man’s a cheater — she’s always suspected it. And now, she’s plan to do smth about it! The plumbers are done opening up one gap, and now they’re about to open up 2 more: Brittany’s willing face hole and her mad, succulent cookie. But not in her kitchen! Sure, it is okay to initiate there…but Brittany desires to make her revenge complete and shag one as well as the other strangers in her marital daybed! Bears a resemblance to Brittany is wise beyond her 19 years, and this is a great argument as why u should at not time take a juvenile wife! You can at not time please ’em, and they’re pure heartless when it comes to pay-backs!!
Brittney White Brittney White
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