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Cala Craves Cala Craves
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So I was at my homie’s pad and we were intend to acquire a hoe off of some escort web page. That babe gotta our place and the gent almost shit himself when this chab saw it was his Mama who showed up. I at not time seen a stud freak out more than this boy did and this chab looked like he wanted to die on the spot. Cala Desires decided to teach her lad a lesson by banging me while this chab was coercive to view several feet away. I would have my big dark schlong in her cougar face hole and I would hear him say, "Stop, Mamma!" I would be pounding her white cunt and that chap would cry out, "Sufficient, please!". I then dropped my cum bomb on her and that babe later said "More interracial sex for me. I’m done with white schlongs!" It was a unconventional afternoon to say the least.
Cala Craves Cala Craves
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