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It is no wonder that Mother has had trouble with daddy ever since I can remember. If he’s not banging one thing up he’s ruining some other. He took me to me his bookie and I came to investigate that ladies man gambled away my high-school specie. This hawt dark loan shark intimidated my mature smooth operator as I was undressing him with my eyes. e had this look in his eyes as if this stud was about to tear my daddy apart limb from limb but we worked out a deal. It had been too lengthy since my loins took in a dark cock and it would be a great chance to teach my father that fucking with my specie was a bad idea. We got a bit more comfortable while daddy’s head was spinning. Speaking of head, I had to engulf Jack’s strong darksome snake past my tonsils and into my small abdomen whilst pappa attempted not to toss his twats. I not ever ever thought I would have sex in front of my dad but I lost all my inhibitions one time my pink pink flaps spread wide sufficient so I wouldn’t be split in half. Our afternoon romp wouldn’t be whole until I had sticky dark-skinned cum to play with on my face and in my hands.
Charlotte Vale Charlotte Vale
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