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Chastity Lynn Chastity Lynn
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It almost looked like resident Cuckold, Chip, was about to hit the jackpot and finally get his dunky wang soaked. Chip was shooting the breeze with Shane Diesel when Chastity Lynn inquired about a room to rent. You can nearly see the thought bubbles over their heads as they brought her back to their pad with bad intentions in mind. Chip manages to feel Chastity up but her attention is completely on Shane and his larger than typical dark dick.The make-out session takes an interesting turn when Chastity’s face is greeted with Shane’s schlong and Chip’s minuscule wang.Which one do you think that babe sucked? The less-than-average white buck was allowed to play with his own meat as Shane’s dick slithered its way up her twat and into her belly. The interracial sex going on previous to Chip was enough to receive his small tool semi-stiff as this chab beat his meat to the posterior white cutie drilling. The thrusting of Shane’s bigger in size than typical dark-skinned strapon brings Chastity’s cum-hole to the brink of not quite collapsing as the cuckold’s jaw not quite drops. Chastity’s screams were enough to rattle the eardrums of anyone in a one mile radius;it did not matter as lengthy as her white twat was getting devastated. The ten little toes on her tiny feet were the target of Shane’s dark-skinned venom and Chip was assigned clean-up duty. Leniency was shown when Chastity demanded that Chip jerk himself off so that this babe could acquire a worthwhile laugh out of his misery. Needless to say, Chip was on the street and Chastity was now a permanent resident in Shane’s apartment.
Chastity Lynn Chastity Lynn
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