Cherry Poppins Converts

Cherry Poppins Converts Cherry Poppins Converts
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Greetings Dudes and Beauties! Hope you are having a great week. Settle down in your chair, pull your pants down to your ankles, and prepare yourself for this week’s update. Cherry is a ally of mine…we’ve been friends forever! That babe was feeling blue one day, and I quickly discovered why: her Whiteboy is packing a pathetic amount of meat, and this babe needs to be gratified. Enter Shane, AKA "Mr. Thick". At 11 inches lengthy, and with a girth similiar to a beer bottle, I try and persuade Cherry to go into The Dark Side, where the meat is big, dark-skinned, and ravishing. It did not take much to convince her…just a worthy glob of Shane’s dark seed squirted all over my gazoo just for her to gobble down (and drink that babe did!) Facile sneezy Japan-easy! After the scene she even begged me to hand over my phone book so that babe can kick off calling negroes while her husband is at work! Way to go, Cherry! Chalk up a converted white hotty to me, Spring Thomas! And who knows — I may come and preach the Gospel of Black Weenie in your neighborhood in a short time, so take notice all u unsatisifed white girls! Spring Thomas is coming to your city soon!!! 😉 XOXO — Spring
Cherry Poppins Converts Cherry Poppins Converts
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