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Chloe Scott Chloe Scott
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Chloe Scott has a problem: her partner, Aaron. This chap is a fine petticoat chaser and all. Has a worthy job. Treats Chloe nicely. The issue? He’s not very big "down there", and he is a premature ejaculator. Flash Brown has a problem: his fianc. This babe is a good lady. Has a precious job. Treats Flash nicely. The issue? This babe is insanely jealous. Flash can’t go anywhere out of her, and if this smooth operator does, she’s blowing up his phone. Accusing him of cheating. Accusing him of check out other babes. Chloe and Flash are friends, too. Long-time friends. And they’re about to assist every other out! It begins with venting about the problem. In a short time, Chloe’s on her knees. She’s always wondered if Flash was "packing". When this babe realizes she can barely get the head of his heavy rod in her mouth, Chloe knows she is going to become a "slut" for darksome males. Flash can’t live without Chloe’s head game, not quite as much as her tight, pink slit. It is a bawdy cleft that is only been with a diminutive in number white boyz, so it’s basically love a virgin’s fur pie. Flash gives Chloe what she’s at no time able — an climax. Chloe returns the favor with smth else she’s at not time competent — swallowing Flash’s load!
Chloe Scott Chloe Scott
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