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Bad neighborhood = bad white angel? I had no idea the amount of talent these awful places would turn out but you cant argue with the results. Today’s clip newbie is Cristien. That babe was dangling in the part of city white people used to live at and I could sense she’d be simple prey. That babe was expecting for a ride but decided to give her one of my own. We got to talking and she said me her porn of choice was girl/girl but mine is the one I make and star in. That babe did not appear to be put off by that fact and it was petal to the metal and my apartment was our last destination. After some more chat we got down to taking photos ‘coz movie scene just ain’t enough. Her sexy outfit kept coming off and my big black 10-Pounder was getting harder every passing second. This babe was mouthing my dark wang when that babe wasn’t asking," Are u sure this won’t show up on The Internet?" I was starting to feel guilty so I wanted to click this link and get out. My balls slapping her gazoo as I rogered her echoed throughout my apartment and at that minute I knew I had an interracial sex fiend on my hands. Her cookie, no matter what position, was not fast milking my larger than average dark 10-Pounder until I could not hold back any longer and shot rope all over her. Take a check out this scene and tell me how super hot this white cutie is.

Christien Christien

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