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Christine Michaels Christine Michaels
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I lost my dog and I was about to kill my hubby for it. He is so absent minded that I blamed him for my puppy dog being gone. After hanging up some posters in the neighborhood we got a call that this smooth operator was discovered! I was so cheerful until I realized my buck had no specie to pay for the reward. Instead of losing my dog forever I decided to make my charmer observe as his girlfriend got bombarded with darksome schlong. He not ever knew that I’ve secretly been a black ramrod floozy and cheat on him behind his back but one more time, he’s a moron and a lot receives by him. No dark-skinned shlong cock got by me as I was on my knees, on my back, upside down, right side up, and any position those dark thugs wanted me in. I was their to drain their black balls of all man cream so I could acquire my doggy back and in the process get my darksome knob fix. My boy , who is now my cuckold 24/4 managed not to fuck it up when I demanded that he clean his woman of dark-skinned spunk or else this gent is be with out my ottoman and out of my life. This chab did as he was told and the black lads and I had a nice giggle at his expense.

Christine Michaels Christine Michaels

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