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The trials and tribulations of the dark dude continue well into 2010. Being brought up as a worthwhile white hotty I was taught to assist out these who are in constant turmoil. If my parentls solely knew that I took that philosophy and put my own sick and twisted spin on it then they’d shit bricks. I went online and read about rumors of each week meetings with disgruntled dark guys who proceed to acquire put down simply ‘coz of the the color of their skin. I had to put a prevent to it so I put on the skimpiest outfit I had and made my way to the dark-skinned lair where I was met with over nine feet of drooping dark meat. After a hate-filled monologue by Brother Jason Brown I went down the line teasing these larger than average black cocks right in advance of I was on my knees and my esophagus paid the price. I was getting even wetter as they verbally tore down white people as my throat was going into overtime with their weenies unfathomable in my throat. My eyes couldn’t stop tearing up which made my mascara run down my face and it was not also long previous to I was bent over and my uterus was tested love not at all before. Greater than typical dark balls kept slapping my wazoo while my constricted little mouth did its foremost to gulp the parade of bigger in size than typical darksome jock previous to me. The bombardment of dark ball cream that hit my face from all directions seemed to not ever avoid and I didn’t want them to. It felt adore I had just taken a shower but with dark-skinned seed and my face and large white love muffins felt the brunt of it. I adore to feel as if I made my contribution to improving race relations. If I did not then at least I got a sore white cunt out of the deal.
Cindee Cindee
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