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Well boys, today’s the day…the day I tell my BF what it’s I actually do. Who I am. That sort of thing. We started out at the park, and for some reason it just hit me that today’s the day. So I did it. I said him I am a doxy for dark 10-Pounder, and that I do things for negros that I don’t do for white males – and certainly not for him. Then, to make sure that gent knew I was for real, I lined up 4 colored fellahs to do it to me whilst this chab witnessed the entire thing. At the end, they actually made a mess all over me. One of the worst ever. So, in dictate to make sure I have my chap underneath control, he cleaned me. 1st, with a towel, and then…well, I’ll let u see for yourself. He still likes me, too! Ah! This guy is the most wondrous boyfriend a beauty could ever crave!! XOXO – Spring
Clean Me Baby Clean Me Baby
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