Darla Crane

Darla Crane Darla Crane
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My son’s criminal ways ruined an evening I had planned with a gossip mag. I was unfathomable into the latest Hollywood scandal when my son was being roughed up as this gent got back home. "Some darksome petticoat chaser", as this charmer put it, was owed lots of money and my little stud was avoiding him like the plague. It turns out that this man’s name was Jack Napier and would mutilate my beauty from head to toe if momma did not intervene. Since I am on a fixed budget the merely thing I could think of was to acquire down and smutty with Jack as my Lothario observed. Why would I do this? 1st, it would make my skirt chaser go legit. Second, and almost any importantly, I’d get my fill of large darksome schlong that all the other mammas just rage about! Jack told my lad owed him 12 bigger in size than run of the mill but would settle if I sucked and screwed his bigger in size than average 12 inches of black beef. My son sat and looked on in agony as his dear Mamma rammed down as much of that dark-skinned meat-thermometer as that babe could. My bulky meatballs kept hitting my chin as my uterus took a nonstop pounding from Jack’s titanic salami. My son never knew that I was into interracial sex and the look on his pale white face told it all. I was in heaven as my throat would engulf off the cunt juices that went along with getting obliterated by darksome dick. I don’t think my slight snatch will ever be the the way it was. The same can be said for my little ladies man.After all, this chab was front row when his mom got to swallow from the black pantyhose, and sucked down Jack Juice.
Darla Crane Darla Crane
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