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Deja Dare Deja Dare
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Deja Dare is one of my very bestest pals. That doesn’t mean she is not a slut, or a floozy, or a dark-skinned wang doxy…cause she is all these things. And more. Much more. She’s a CHEATER. See her. View me! We are CHEATERS. We cheat on our boyfriends, and we do it with Dark Studs. My God. Why don’t they break up with us? And Deja? Well, she’s like an Amazon Domina, and she’s an accomplished when it comes to Big and Dark-skinned. Like me. Speaking of bigger in size than typical and dark, discover out BOZ The Beast. What’s that, about 12, 13 inches? It’s so bigger than run of the mill and lengthy this chab can stick it into a white girl’s twat and lick that slit at the same time. Talk about fun! Shit, a white lad and his 5 incher could take all the Yoga classes in the world and at no time do what BOZ does! HAHAHAHAHAHAH. You pathetic white lad. Jack your dinky to this. MWAH!!!!!!! XOXO – Ruthie.

Deja Dare Deja Dare

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