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This week’s update features me with a brotha named Derek. Derek lives in the apartment complex over from mine. He is OKAY, I guess, but he’s definately not one of my favourite niggahs. I mean he’s been after me for months ever since this smooth operator identified my website, and it’s getting kinda aggrivating, if u want to know the truth. He text messages me at all times of the day and night, and says nasty things about the size of his pecker and what this chab desires to do to me. Ewww. I mean sure, I’ll do ya, pleasant heart, especially since I detected out from one of my girlfriends you are hanging close to 10 inches…so do not keep text messaging me all the time! Duh! You’ll receive a taste of me, and sure enough, you did! Silly niggah! His cum discharged at the end was just eager…some of the gloopiest, whitest man-juice I’ve ever watched come outta a homey! Jizzel snizzel…fazizzel!!!
Derek Derek
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