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Salute Bucks and Gals! Fellow, do I feel valuable about myself today…why, you ask? Well, I look at lots of TV, and I love the unveils where a doctor helps couples overcome their problems. Boy, I like these shows! So this day I’m Dr. Spring! And of course I watch a pair that are having sex problems. Their sex life is boring. Do I even get to tell u lads my reccomendations? ROTFL…well, if you really need to know specifics, I bring in a dark-skinned knob that is almost nine inches lengthy, and it is about that wide, likewise. Talk about girth! I turn whiteboy into lubeboy (yeah…even though our love tunnels were soaking wet, a ramrod that thick cant go in without a little lube) and I show my newest girlfriend the Power of Dark 10-Pounder. Need I say more? Oh! I know…they’re cured! 🙂 hee hee…I think it’s time for my own TV reveal 🙂 Until next week! XOXO – Spring
Doctor Spring Doctor Spring
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