Emily Right

Emily Right Emily Right
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Emily Right has a problem: her partner, Kevin, loves the disrobe joints. At 1st, she was accepting, but as it started to affect their sex life — and their bank account — Emily prevented being accepting…and got piddled. Actually urinated. In fact, when Kevin announced he’d rented out the spare room, "to assist with bills", Emily almost left him…until this babe met her new roomie. He is a handsome dark guy, and she can’t live without the fact this woman chaser hangs out in their home half-dressed. And sure sufficient, when Saturday rolls around, Kevin is off on a "dude night"…leaving Emily home with the roomie. Emily knows Kevin is at his prefered strip joint, so it’s time for a little pleasure for Emily. Or a whole lotta joy, cause Roomie’s rod is about twice the size of Kevin’s! It is a real mouthful, and Emily cant await to feel his stupendous tool stretch her tight, tight slit! The merely thing more fine, for Emily, was when her Roomie shot his thick, hot load deep, unfathomable inside."My pussy’s so stretched, I have a feeling Kevin is gonna know I cheated on him," Emily stated, after it was all told and done. Kevin may have a bigger surprise nine months from now!
Emily Right Emily Right

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