Faye Runaway

Faye Runaway Faye Runaway
Faye Runaway @ WatchingMyDaughterGoBlack.com
I’ve raised my daughter to be a admirable cutie…or so I thought. Lately it is been rap music, B.E.T television, and spending her free time with dark individuals. The constant fighting has almost landed me in the hospital due to my heart condition so therapy was the merely answer. I took the little brat to Dr. Harvard in hopes that our relationship could be saved. His techniques were unusual to say the least and his suggestion was to have me view her as this babe had relations with a dark charmer….in front of her dear aged dad! I was sweating from head to toe as I saw my little darling doing things that I solely envisioned in my worst nightmares. Here I was sitting down and watching as my daughter put his penis in the same mouth I used to spoon feed when she was an infant. I thought the worst was over but that buck put his dark fire pantyhose in my girl’s naughty place as my heartbeat got faster and faster. I didn’t know whether to shit or die but it was soon over once Faye wiped the dirt away from her throat. The worst thing about all of this? Daddy paid the complete bill.
Faye Runaway Faye Runaway
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