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Well, the news is out. I have niggahs from coast to coast calling in to be interviewd for my web site. HE-HE. It is really potty…so avid I had to hire an assistant. Isn’t that laughable? And u would not *believe* the calls we receive. All sorts of avid brothas claiming to be packing 10 inches or more. Ha! When they show up for the interview, and I pull out the ruler, almost any run out the door. And when my assistant took a call from a Mr. Fred Dingo, some other brotha claiming to pack more than 10 inches, well…we laughed. And booked the interview. Boy oh woman chaser did Mr. Dingo have the goods…14 inches worth!!! Watch as it takes my breath away as he enters ever so sluggishly. I couldn’t make no doubt of it when I saw it, and just now wanted to take it to the base…which I finally did — doggy style! And his 14 inches dumped 14 ounces of black man juice all over my face. It turned out to be quite an interview! Relish! And wait till u watch how wicked I acquire next week! Hee hee!!! XOXOXOXX — Spring
Fred Dingo Fred Dingo
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