Ghetto N.

Ghetto N. Ghetto N.
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Ghetto N. is one of my very *first* darksome rod training sessions, as you can watch here. Well, let me back up. Ghetto N. is from the West Coast 🙁 and this dude was in Atlanta on some serious bidniss: collecting cash, making deliveries, and running from the PO-PO. (That is police in Ghetto Talk). Even though he’s Westside, I still *luv* him. Listen very carefully at the begining of the scene: this chab uses the N WORD and I tell him to shut up. By the end of the scene, I was callin him a niggah! HA-HA-HA Oh, and I nearly forgot…his 9 1/2 inch darksome pee-pee felt priceless sliding up my damp hole. He wanted very badly to invade my ass, but I said Ghetto N. I’m not at at stage of my darksome dong training!! Stupid niggah! What’s going throughout that black brain of his in any case?!?! Oh well, Ghetto N. needed very badly to unwind after a long day workin’ da streets, and who am I to say no? Shit, I might even work the streets, likewise…all Ghetto N. is got to do is axe! JK!!! Until next week! XOXOXO….Spring
Ghetto N. Ghetto N.
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