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Gia Derza Gia Derza
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Gia has a fresh boyfriend named Rob that Daddy does not approve of. This chab would go to any length to make sure this chab protects his daughter from this heartbreaker. So this chab is beautiful upset when that Lothario comes home to hear his innocent daughter giggling and making sounds that lady-killer does not urge coming out of her throat, all behind a closed door. Gia is not following his abode rules of keeping the door open 3 inches. Just coy of beating the bedroom door down, that gent spreads it to identify them casually sitting on her sofa. It’s almost as if they are mocking him. He leaves merely to hear muffled moans and damp mouths anew. He’s had the final straw and kicks Rob out. Gia and Rob give a decision they are adults and fuck this mature man’s rules, they can do whatsoever they want. So they bait him into insanity. Poor aged dad finds himself locked without his fine daughter’s room, while that babe copulates into oblivion. This chab tries breaking in throughout her bedroom window, only to find himself faced with the unsightly truth: Gia and Rob are merely getting more turned on the harder Dad tries to stop ’em!!! Its a showdown between one piddled off dad and his hawt bratty daughter and merely one will cum out on top!

Gia Derza Gia Derza

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