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If it was not for gullible bimbos then I would never have this web site dedicated to their wild ways. The more and more I destroy white angels the more I am recognized in public. Imagine my surprise when an actual angel approached me and our little rap included her interested in fucking on camera…..for my eyes solely, right? Giselle Leon was worried that our exploits would wind up on the Internet but my suave manners told her otherwise. We got back to my pad and I blasted off some pics whilst reminding her that our interracial fucking would not see the light of day. Giselle’s initial hesitation disappeared much love my dark meat-thermometer did in her face hole. I was rolling tape as Giselle attempted engulfing down every inch coming from my basketball trousers. Giselle’s baby blue eyes stared right at my lens while her face hole expanded with each thrust of my dark anaconda. We took the party up a level when my greater than run of the mill black pecker disappeared in her leaking, moist cookie. I almost dropped the camera when Giselle widen her booty cheeks with one as well as the other hands-I knew I had a scene priceless of showing ya’ll. this wet crack was bomb and I fought hard not to pop too early. I kept pounding Giselle’s shag box as my red light kept blinking. We ended our little rendezvous when I lastly unloaded my Southern gravy all over her face. She left my place and reminded me not to put this online. I promised but began cutting this scene one time I locked the door behind her.
Giselle Leon Giselle Leon
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