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HIIIiiiiiiiiiii! Welcome back to you-know-where! Wow! What a kooky week!! I mean this tops it all, I suppose! In a nutshell, since I’m 21 now, my cameraman makes me drive over to an adult bookstore…and when I tell u it was sleazy and impure, well, that is an understatement! I mean this place was *gross*!! And it wasn’t sufficient for me to just suck off a stranger. No no no. I ended up inviting him into my dirty booth, and then we did it! I mean we actually did it! This smooth operator was dark, had a titanic dick, and unloaded one of the biggest nuts I’ve ever seen…all over my cute face! I mean this has got to be one of the biggest loads I’ve ever taken! YUM. HAHAHAHAHHAHA…anyway, I know this is gonna be one of your favs…cause I know it’s now one of mine! 😉 XOXO – Spring!
GloryHole Action GloryHole Action
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