Homies In My Ass

Homies In My Ass Homies In My Ass
Homies In My Wazoo @ SpringThomas.com
Whoa, did I end up a cum-covered mess in this week’s update…but let me back up. I am hitting the west coast recently, as the east coast niggahs haven’t been all that recently. LT has completely hooked my white ass up with all his homies: first with Billy, and then Stunner…and now, Mister Man! I *love* this scene! It was discharged in a very secret set in LA…so secret I can not tell u any more. And dude do I worship the dark-skinned cock during this update. It’s off the hook — those 2 bonkers niggahs even go as far as to make me SCREAM it! Ha. Mister Woman chaser and LT pack close to Twenty four inches betwixt them, and I’m double-stuffed with chocolate penis from kick off to end here. LT even hits my arse for a while, and ladies man, did it hurt! OUCH. Do not take my word for it? Cram a large darksome dick up your butt and see what happens. Whew. And like I told…at the end of this update, I’m coated with enough dark-skinned seed to begin a Welfare Army! HAHAHAHAH — until next week dudes, XOXO — Spring.
Homies In My Ass Homies In My Ass
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