Hydii May

Hydii May Hydii May
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Chip and his female, Hydii May, are about to welcome a bundle of joy into the world. Chip has had a difficult time figuring out how to display appreciation for the Mother of his unborn child. A stroller? Already have one. Diapers? They’re up to their ears in ’em. Chip is about to have his cutie ride the midnight express courtesy of Lucas Stone. Hydii’s initially reluctant since this babe loves Chip so much. Lucas, as a matter of fact, happens to be larger than Chip….in all departments! Lucas rubs Hydii all over and that includes her baby bump. Hydii learns to love dark meat-thermometer by getting on her slightly enlarged knees and engulfing on that large, black schlong as Chip watches in complete happiness. To make matters interesting Hydii sizes Chip against Lucas which is adore measuring Godzilla against Mighty Mouse. Hydii proceeds to suck on that black knob until her bawdy cleft makes a decision it’s time to acquire absolutely thrashed. Chip sits idly by as Hydii’s womb prepares for the upcoming birth by Lucas stretching out her walls. Their child begins kicking when as Lucas’ large, dark-skinned meat-thermometer pulverizes Hydii’s insides and her screaming will rival that of the sounds in the delivery room. Lucas wastes no time in wrecking that vagina while Hydii’s orgasms get progressively louder and louder. Chip can solely check out as the Mommy of his unborn child rides that dark bull whilst her mammoth pantoons sway with each thrusting. There’s no adore being lost as Hydii and her husband lock lips as her muff slowly looks adore a devastated town. The heavy breathing from Hydii isn’t her water breaking; it’s her snatch getting ravaged by a gift courtesy of a loving hubby. How loving is Chip? He keeps his ladies head up as Lucas showers her stomach with his thug juice. chip rubs it into her abdomen and this loving couple has a bright future. That is, if this chab proceeds to supply her with darksome pecker.
Hydii May Hydii May
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