I Wanna Be Spring

I Wanna Be Spring I Wanna Be Spring
I Wanna Be Spring @ SpringThomas.com
Howdy Bois! Hi Grrrls!! It’s SpringTime in Niggahville!! HAHAHA. I am in a fiesty mood…so much so that when one of my regular cuckbois said, in an offhand way, that this skirt chaser wanted to be me, that I made it happen! I took the inexperienced boi and clothed him up in some of my most valuable beneath garment and belt sets! Then, I paraded him around the room and made him say some of the things I adore to say: "I adore darksome dick" and "I want darksome cum" and that sort of thing. Then, I sitting him down and let him play with his clit during the time that I tag-teamed a brother. It was sexy. My "twin" loved playing with her love button and loved it even more when I dug some of the dark-skinned seed my bull shot deep into my fur pie and gave him a smack! Naughty, nasty boi…see what happens when u play with Spring? 🙂 HAHA – Luv ya all!! Spring
I Wanna Be Spring I Desire to Be Spring
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