Ice Cold And Billy

Ice Cold And Billy Ice Cold And Billy
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It’s a good thing I’ve all my dark guy’s numbers on speed dial coz that phone number list grows longer daily. You all might remember Billy, the my white hubby who only receives hard when NASCAR is on tv? Well, he’s out today and I dialed up Ice Cold to come over and give me my each single day dose of black dong. My love for interracial sex goes way back and it’s smth I by no means wanna give up. I had time to kill previous to Ice and his 12 inches arrived so I decided to rub one out to acquire my white twat all wonderful and lubed up! That ladies man could not must me fast enough and I was quickly swallowing his penis way past the back of my mouth. MMMMM, I am getting soaking soaked just thinking reliving it in my smutty mind afresh.Officer Billy was not none also pleased when this chab walked in as Ice was abusing my vagina. Once I calmed him down he donned a mask and observed Ice Cold finish the job . Billy had the right to remain silent as this chab shut his rogering throat until he opened it to lick up the corroboration of greater than run of the mill darksome jock violating my holes.
Ice Cold And Billy Ice Cold And Billy

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