Ice Cold

Ice Cold Ice Cold
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Look who’s back! Mr HUMONGOUS DARKSOME KNOB himself, Ice Cold. I gotta let everyone know that I love Ice Cold’s humongous meat-thermometer. I mean, there aren’t many people in the whole world who are muscled like him. Maybe adore 3 percent of the world. And I must have one today! I am such a fortunate beauty. And adore I always must say, Ice Cold is a black chap that my sister not ever had! Maybe someday Spring Thomas can be as good as me. Just kidding hun, I adore you!! Anyway, after I take Ice Cold’s incredibly sexy black weenie I start to supplicate for his dark seed. He let us me know that if I am a worthy gal, I can have it all over my face and throat. I get to have been a truly nice cutie ‘cuz he covered my face while he was standing 3 feet away from me. Just one more little sign that I am a better dark penis slut than my sister!
Ice Cold Ice Cold
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