Ivy Rider

Ivy Rider Ivy Rider
Ivy Rider @ WatchingMyDaughterGoBlack.com
If I merely knew that my only daughter would go on to stab me in the heart then I’d have not at any time had her in the 1st place. Since she bacme a teenager all she’s done is rebel against me. This babe goes out all hours of the night. Ivy too comes homes smelling like malt liquor even thought that babe is Eighteen and should be drinking apple juice. I came home to detect her about to do some wicked things with a darksome mate. Thank goodness her Mother wasn’t there or I would be calling the coroner. Anyways, after Ivy read me the riot action that babe insisited to receive over my fear of dark studs it would be in my superlatively good interest to have me observe her be with one. When it was all over it shocked me to see my little princess after having been ravaged by big dark knob. I may not at all kiss her again after seeing her face gettting smothered in icky man cream. I need a swallow!
Ivy Rider Ivy Rider
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