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Jessi Stone Jessi Stone
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I can’t make no doubt of the guts my daddy has. This chab followed my spouse and I as were were showing public shows of affection. I’ve always known him to be a creep but this was likewise much. One time at my place that buck sauntered in on us and nearly ruined the party Derek and I were about to have. I verbally ripped into daddy and made him watch as my dark bull and I made out, got undressed, and exchanged bodily fluids just inches from dad’s wrinkled face. While I was screaming I was competent to hear dad crying to himself as my tight pussy was getting thrashed, demolished and punished. I am shocked that man did not pull a gun on himself when Derek discharged a corpulent load on my face destroying all my makeup! Dad has shown me some more respect which is admirable ‘coz there’s no shortage of dark men ready to screw me as the aged petticoat chaser watches in agony.
Jessi Stone Jessi Stone
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