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Jessica Rex likes her local Hookah Lounge. It is a great place to meet up with old friends, identify recent allies, chill out, and enjoy a frosty beverage while smoking. Sometimes, Jessica can’t live with out to costume like a little bitch and head up to the lounge…hoping a fresh gent will be there. This day, that babe is in luck! Jessica wore her little denim shorts and a risqu top and sure sufficient, across the way sitting a tall, built dark-skinned woman chaser. That dude looked like a bodybuilder and had a bald head, and Jessica couldn’t assist but notice the bulge in his trousers. Within the 60 minutes, Jessica had him back at her place, where this babe keeps a hookah as an excuse to use this very pick-up like: "hey, what do u say we get out of here and go smoke at my abode? I’ve got a great hookah and a very cushioned couch!" Her recent friend said yes, and now they’re making out on that very bed. Jessica can’t believe what she’s feeling, so this babe drops to her knees to pull the huge schlong she’s ever observed! "This isn’t plan to fit in my mouth…so how’s it ever plan to fit in my little snatch and tight, constricted chocolate hole?" The other question Jessica is intend to answer today is, "Can I gulp all that jism this charmer just discharged down my mouth?"
Jessica Rex Jessica Rex
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