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Joseline Kelly Joseline Kelly
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Poor Joseline Kelly. She doesn’t know what’s worse: having to take a self-defense class to ward off the raunchy predators at her work place…or her wimpy hubby, who can not do the job for her. So there she’s, Joseline, on a Saturday afternoon, in a boxing disrobe club, learning how to fight the priceless fight if need be. The first thing this babe noticed was her instructor, an remarkably masculine, well-built dark Bull. Joseline’s vagina began to tingle when they first met, and now The Bull has Hubby in the ring, using him to demonstrate how to punch a would-be attacker effectively. And with a single punch, Husband is KO’ed. What next? Watch Joseline run up and hug "the real man", in advance of dropping to her knees to blow The Bull. They suck and screw during the time that Hubby is out for the count, and just as Joseline is swallowing The Bull’s massive load, Husband is coming to. Which is great, cuz that gent is just coherent sufficient to understand Joseline will hire The Bull for weekly "workouts"!!
Joseline Kelly Joseline Kelly

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