Jules Sterling

Jules Sterling Jules Sterling
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No thing is more important to me than family. My dad’s been a single parent for the longest time and it is been just us. He’s run into some trouble with a star athlete that merely his daughter ( a black schlong swallower) can solve. If I didn’t swallow and screw that darksome dong then daddy’s world would come crumbling down. For the life of me I couldn’t watch a negative to this situation. Pops had a front row seat as my face hole acted adore a vacuum that solely inhaled black knob. Fuck, this thing was mammoth. When it came with out it is pants I wondered how exactly I’d stick it deep inside my constricted aperture. That dilemma flew out the window as my vagina self lubricates at the very mention of larger than typical darksome ding-dong. That darksome monster screwed me all over the sofa in ways that my uterus has at no time been pounded. My firm legal age teenager bosoms bounced so stiff and fast that they nearly hit my chin. It was now time for the grand finale and that could merely mean a gallon of homemade darksome cream for my cute little face.
Jules Sterling Jules Sterling
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