Julian Julian
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Applaud Gang! Well, here it’s…the starting of another week, as well as the starting of some other new scene. New niggah, likewise! Everybody say hi to Julian. I had heard lots about him, but had at not time met him…until about 15 minutes previous to our scene. He’s a marvelous cool lad, and we hit it off indeed well…SO well this stud ends up hitting my a-hole 😉 I go all three inputs for Julian, and it was well worth it. Even though he’s solely 8 inches, it is a full 8, and it is thick. So I ain’t complaining! So relish this scene, and keep the e-mails rolling in. Even though I do not receive a chance to reply to ’em all, I *read* them all…so yes, I am gonna "change things up" a bit, and yes, I am working on getting some ballers to let me in their locker room to gang group sex me, and yes, I truly do write those descriptions, and yep yes yep I like you all! 🙂 Until softcore Thursday, Peace. XOXO — Spring.
Julian Julian
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