Justin And Steven

Justin And Steven Justin And Steven
Justin And Steven @ CandyMonroe.com
I got a night job as a jail guard to be around as many darksome males as possible. It would be like a obese boy working at a slaughterhouse or an alcoholic working at a bar, hahahaha. I came across a cell shared by inmates Justin Long ( a sexy dark-skinned woman chaser who probably jacked some lady-killer) and Steven ( a worthless white fellow who’s probably in here for tax evasion). Steven looks adore that Lothario would be dinner for Justin Long but apparently my incarcerated dark Lothario is merely into fur pie that’s attached to white girls. Steven, on the other hand, appears that his asshole is wide enough that u could easily throw in a bowling ball. I had Steven tied up and look at helplessly as I took liberties with my job by swallowing Justin’s long dark shaft. I could not expect to use my face hole juices to lube up his jock for a worthy entry into my birthing canal. We almost woke the sleeping guard a scarcely any feet away from us but my face hole was kept quiet whenever Justin jammed his obese darksome pecker down my gullet. Justin’s chubby pop made a worthwhile mess for Steven to clean up adore a good little whore. I was competent to receive Justin a full pardon so he could fuck me love a wench anytime that man desires!
Justin And Steven Justin And Steven
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