Kori Kreams

Kori Kreams Kori Kreams
Kori Kreams @ RuthBlackwell.com
I have no idea where we discovered this week’s tramp. This babe is so new to the porno game Ruthie had to display her a thing or two. Well, just one thing: Back Pecker. So I call up Ace, and since it is his BDay this day, I bring my present out of the closet and give it to Ace! Guess what? We convert some other white trash slut. It didn’t take long into this scene for Kori to figure out chocolate meat-thermometer tastes so much nicer than vanilla ones! View her shriek in delight! Oh, I adore this scene, and I don’t know why. Maybe it’s cause one time Kori walked off my set, this babe kinda disappeared off the face of Porno Valley! And I’m kinda hoping I’m the reason why!! I know. I know. I’m evil! 🙂 XOXo – Ruthie

Kori Kreams Kori Kreams

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